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Introducing your Guild Leader

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Introducing your Guild Leader

Post by Sairu on Sat Jul 05, 2014 10:42 am

Sai Hoshi



1. Belgium, Europe
2. Tokyo, Harajuku, Japan
Favorite Games Ever Played
Drakengard (PS2)
Pokemon (GBC,GBA)
Perfect World M.Y (History, PC)
Digimon (PS1)
Final Fantasy X (PS2)
BlazzBlue (PS2)
S4 League (PC)

Ingame Purpose in Tera and other game history
For Years i have been a Guild Leader in many mmorpgs,
I couldn't get enough after my first game guild that conquired the game.
We grew so much and most of our guildies played more then 1 game that
we even made our guild in those games we played in our extra time.

Our Guild was very desired to join in many games such as
Silkroad, Rohan, Perfect World, Fiesta, Kaduh, S4 League, Last Chaos,
Eden Eternal, Heva Clonia and many others.

Our Guild name was most of the times 'vendetta' , 'saigen' or 'bloodthorns' unless
one of our commanders made the guild beforehand with a different name.

It all started in Last Chaos where many low levels got pvped randomly to stop them from leveling.
I was in a guild and i made a Healer in that guild to help them, i sacrificed my archer to make a healer for the guild i was in.
I was a very dedicated member even tough i didn't even know the guild, it was my heart that told me i wanted to be dedicated.
Yet i got used by that guild and then forgotten and thrown away after i powerleveled all their 'important' friends in the guild by healing
them outside the party while they were killing high level monsters. After i was thrown away they killed me over and over... I felt so useless
being a healer...Gamemasters were my only friends that kept popping up behind me when i was alone and started talking to me,
I felt like i wanted to have a purpose in the game again so i made a guild called 'Demons' and started to recruit low levels,
this time i'd be the guild leader, it would be the guild leader that powerleveled them... i knew all tricks of the guild that used me,
i also knew they had worthless players that powerleveled but didn't understand their characters and i'd be sure to challenge them
in a guild war as revenge.

I started to recruite, i started to train my recruits in combat, teach them all their techniques, they didn't even need my help as much with powerleveling, it seemed they could handle high level monsters on their own without a healer, i trained them that well and felt very accomplished, i was there day and night for them, worried they might leave my side.

We were going to face a guild with 20 level 90+'s ... back then the most powerful guild in Last Chaos servers.
We only made level 40+ when they suddenly saw us and decided to PvP us on sight for leveling to fast.
They knew we might be a problem later on...

We decided to hide ourselves on a saturday in our guild hall and talk about our enemy,
our anger made us do a crazy thing... we challenged them to a guild war as level 40s !

They showed up naked on the battlefield, no armor, no weapons, nothing.. spotting with us...
"Ah... who we got here, were'nt you that level 20 healer we used to level up our guild? Hahahahah thanks for that noob,
nobody wants to be a healer in this game, can't understand why you still play that character, let stand level it up to level ... 45?"

I was in voice chat with 4 of my 20 members on the battlefield and told them 'go naked to. Lets strip to, i want it to be equal here."
After the 4 commanders of our guild stripped, everyone followed, we all were also without our armors, yet we kept our weapons in our hands."

More and more people of our guild logged into the voicechat to hear my words,
eventually 12 members of the 20 were in voicechat when the war started. "think about S4 league mofos!" someone yelled in voicechat,
i yelled "no, think about the combos you did on the bosses!" "Team 1 take andy" "team 2 take the 2 archers ", We were devided in 4 teams
Snaring, stunning, continiously our oppenents , we were so structured that we defeated them with 78 Points vs 44.

i was sure i screenshotted their loss at least 40 times (spammed the screenshot button and showed it on the forums of last chaos)
More and more people were interested in our guild, we even had  to make more guilds in last chaos to contain all our members, we gave them the same training and same structured lessons and before u knew it, the other guild meant nothing anymore in the server, our guild had a waiting list.

Some of our members played other games when there was nothing to do... pretty much everyone,
since we had a great family feeling, we usually visited each other on each others games and we started our guilds there as well.

Eventually we also created events for our guilds, contests and much more to keep our members busy.
Untill one terrible month came....

The month of the P2W patches...
Last Chaos their maps changed and powerleveling got easier... everything became 'item mall required"
the same happened in the same month in many other games.... especially rohan and silkroad...
Silkroad was suddenly a big target for bots...

"we need to strike!"
"lets strike!"
"If we strike the entire server will strike!"

Great Gamemasters quitted because of the patches since they couldn't stop it,
Admins of forums dissapeared, our guilds dissapeared, we stayed up for days training in S4 league with 18 different battle rooms because
our guild members were all waiting for the strike to end. Some games went offline rather then putting everything back the way it used to be,
we saw games dissapear, some games had big problems and had to hold many events to get people back, some games were in need of more "staff members" , there was chaos.. but not enough chaos... they just refused to cooperate.

We started to become lazy... laid back... Focussing more to our personal lives and slowly our guild vanished and there was nothing i could do about it, i stayed up for many days and nights trying to keep everyone together but then i ended up in the hospital due my health .... i shouldve taken better care of myself...

After the 2 weeks in the hospital i lost connection with everyone.
It was never the same, i tried to game again, tried to join others their guilds but it was never the same and i always missed what we had...

i want it back with all my heart

And i can't think of a better game then a game like Tera that is not P2W and has dynamic combat!


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