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Terra Glyphs Guide! Adjust your skills bonus options!

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Terra Glyphs Guide! Adjust your skills bonus options!

Post by Sairu on Tue Jul 08, 2014 7:46 am

Where Do I Get Glyphs?
Before level 20, the glyphs associated with your skills are locked. When you reach level 20, the glyphs you are now able to use become unlocked and are accessed via the glyph tab of your Skills window. More glyphs become automatically unlocked as you gain levels.

How Do I Use Glyphs?
When a glyph becomes unlocked, simply left-click the glyph to activate the glyph. Glyphs are automatically on once you click it, but glyphs can be reset for free by clicking on the “Reset Glyph” button in the bottom left corner of the window.

TERA Glyphs
You will have many glyphs to choose from, but activating them depletes your pool of available glyph points. Some glyphs use more points than others, so you’ll need to do a bit of math to find the optimum selection of glyphs for what you want to do.

TERA Glyph Skills
You can see at a glance which skills have active glyphs, which have non-active, learned glyphs, and which glyphs are yet to be unlocked attached by the indicators in the Skills window. A lock symbol indicates that you haven’t reached the level for that glyph. Greyed out glyphs indicates inactive glyphs, and glowing glyphs indicate the glyphs that are currently active

Can I Change My Glyphs?
Sometimes your preferred skills and glyphs for questing aren’t quite right for PvP or dungeon runs. WithTERA: Rising, it’s even easier to set up and switch between active glyphs. If what you do varies from day to day or moment to moment, set up glyph sets for all your different play styles. In your skill window, you can save a configuration to one of five different sets. You can change which glyph template you are using at any time, unless you are in combat.

What Kinds of Glyphs Exist?
You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to picking glyphs. How you choose to glyph your skills depends upon how you want to play. Are you interested in hardcore PvP? You’ll probably choose glyphs to increase your survivability or damage capability. Are you planning on running dungeons with groups? You’ll probably want to optimize your skills to support multiple targets and increase your MP and HP regeneration. If you’re a tank, you might glyph to increase your threat, damage, and survivability. If you’re a healer, you’ll probably glyph to boost healing and casting efficiency. If you aren’t sure which glyphs to choose, go ahead and click on “Recommended Glyphs,” and the game will automatically choose and apply the glyphs for you. Having active glyphs is much better than no active glyphs, so always be sure to spend your glyph points when you get them!

What your glyphs do will vary across the board. You can hover over all the glyphs
available and it’ll describe each glyph in detail. In general, glyphs can be broken down into the following categories:

Restorative Glyph
These glyphs help recover HP and MP, either in discrete bursts or over time. 
This is a useful choice for any player looking to maximize endurance and minimize recovery time.

Empowering Glyphs
These glyphs make your skills better, whether by increasing the number of lock-on targets, extending the range or duration of a skill, or simply decreasing cast times or MP costs. These glyphs allow a player to do more with their character.

Defensive Glyphs
Survivability is the goal here. These glyphs increase resistances, endurance, and movement speed. Tanks can also pick glyphs to help increase their aggro to keep enemies and BAMs focused on them instead of the healer or damage dealers

Offensive Glyphs
Choose these glyphs if you want to take the fight to your foe. They increase power, add damage to existing skills, amp up your critical rate and attack speed, and do everything possible to make your character the TERA equivalent of a terminator

Glyphs are named for their effect and glyphs with the same names share similar effects. A restorative glyph, for example, might restore a chunk of HP or increase your HP regeneration, while a lingering glyph increases an effect’s duration. Take a look at the classes section, where we’ve included examples of your class’s glyphs and their effects. Just remember, a glyph configuration doesn’t work for you until you’ve slaughtered a few BAMs and proven that it works for you

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