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Combat Icons and Signs above monster heads

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Combat Icons and Signs above monster heads

Post by Sairu on Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:23 am

"Combat Indicators"

As an action MMO, TERA strives to keep your eyes on the center of the screen. To help players get the most out of their focus, they added a few useful tools and tricks so you're never caught wholly unawares.

What Are Combat Indicators?
Combat indicators tell you at a glance what just happened.
For example, if you walk too close to a creature,
you might see a dark shield with an exclamation point (!) icon appear over its head.

Alertness: This indicates that a creature is aware of your character and tracking your movement.

The orange indicator displays when a monster notices a player or a party. The red indicator displays when a monster changes targets.

Threat Indicators: This orange indicator displays when a monster aggros on and attacks a player or party. The red indicator appears when the monster changes aggro targets.

Enraged: A red indicator with an angry face appears when a monster enrages.

Boundary: A yellow question mark indicator appears when a monster nears its leashing point, after which it will reset and return to its starting location.

Orders: An orange antenna indicator appears when a monster gives commands to its minions. Watch for encircling maneuvers or a sudden rush. A yellow lightning bolt icon appears when the minions receive the boss's order.

Target change: A purple explosion indicator appears when a creature changes target. This may or may not indicate that aggro has changed, but it does mean that a monster is attacking a different character than before.

Ranged Attack: This icon indicates when a monster is either going to attack a non-tank character at range, or is about to unleash an area-of-effect (AoE) attack.

Player Indicators
Abnormality: This indicator appears when a character has a debuff or other status effect applied.

Cutscene: This indicator appears over a character who is watching a cutscene or is otherwise engaged.

There are also several options for displaying information on both yourself and other players, which can be useful not only in situations like PvP, but also for players learning how other classes work and which skills they rely upon. On the Game tab of the Options Menu (O) you will find a section called Game Information. From here, you can choose to display player indicators, and skills used in combat.

Damage: A red exclamation point appears when a character receives a damage or healing over a certain percentage of max HP, as set by the sliders. Sliders must be set for the player and party separately.


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