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Pets Introduction

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Pets Introduction

Post by Sairu on Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:31 am

[ltr]It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this…pet! Pets are devoted helpers, constant companions, and will follow you into the heat of battle.[/ltr]

  • Select a Pet to Suit Your Style
    Show off your personality with a pet.

  • Now Name Your Pet
    Personalize your pet even more by giving it a name all its own in the Pet UI.

    • Summon your pet.
    • Open the Pet UI through the Main Menu / Activities / Pet or click the pet icon next to your HP/MP bar.
    • Enter your pet’s new name next to the speech bubble above its picture.

  • Pet Functions
    Put your pet to work. Each pet comes with a useful function.
    [ltr]Carnivorous Plant[/ltr][ltr]auto-loot[/ltr]
    [ltr]Totes[/ltr][ltr]pet pocket[/ltr]
    Pets with the [auto-loot] function scurry off and retrieve your (and your party’s) loot when they’re in range of it. The loot will distribute to the party as if you had looted it.

    Pets with a pet pocket have special inventory space you can access when that pet is with you.

    • Open the Pet UI through the Main Menu / Activities / Pet or click the pet icon next to your HP/MP bar.
    • Click on the [Pet Pocket] function to open the inventory.
    • You can also drag the pet function to your shortcut tray for faster access.

    Multiple copies of the same pet won’t create more inventory space.

  • Why Do I Feed My Pet?
    Following you around can tire a pet out. Your pet will consume energy while it’s following you. Watch the blue bar under its image next to your HP/MP bar to see if it’s nearly out of energy. Your pet will also tell you when its energy is low. When your pet is completely out of energy, it won’t be able to help you until you feed it again.
    Purchase Pet Treats at any general merchant to restore 30 percent of your pet’s energy or pet food from Valkyon Outfitters to replenish 100 percent in one morsel.

  • How Do I Get a Pet?
    Starting April 11, four pets are available to purchase through Valkyon Outfitters—Rambo, Prince, Dragonette, and the carnivorous plant.

    • Purchase a pet from Valkyon Outfitters.
    • Get the “Care and Use of Your Pet…” book out of Item Claim.
    • Learn the summon pet skill on the character who wants the pet.
    • Summon the pet to have it follow you and start working for you.

    One rare pet, the candyspinner, is randomly obtained from the pet food loot box, also in Valkyon Outfitters.
    Each character can learn to summon any or all the pets, but only one pet at a time can follow you around. Each pet you purchase can be used by only one character.


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