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Weekly Guild Events! Sign up here!

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Weekly Guild Events! Sign up here!

Post by Sairu on Thu Jul 31, 2014 12:41 pm

Weekly Guild Events!
Sign up here by commenting that you join the certain event.

We are still looking for 3 people that can host the event on different timezone hours ,
For now the events are hosted on 1 PM GMT+1

EVENT TIME IN YOUR COUNTRY (possible that your country isn't listed, ask if you don't know what time it will be in your country)
London, UK, Dublin : 12.00
Belgium, Berlin Holland, Germany, Italy,Spain,Norway;France; 13.00
Turkye ; 14.00
Hong Kong; 19.00
Tokyo; 20.00



Hide 'n Seek
Our guild's hide 'n seek runs a bit different then most hide 'n seek's so please read on to find out how ours works! In a real hide 'n seek game event usually the game master hides and we all have to find him, we used to hold our guild event like that but found out there was a more fun way!

All participants have to hide in a certain map that is told in channel 1!
The Event HOST will have to find you listening every 5 Minutes to each one of you hidden ones their hints!
When someone is found, this person joins the hunt to the other hidden ones!
More people will start looking for hidden ones and the event starts to get harder to win because maybe someone even saw you run to your hiding location! or maybe you were hiding together with someone! Not to forget you have to give a hint every 5 Minutes! And usually we choose an open map like north of lumber town or around tower base in the newbie zone areas!

The last one hiding wins AND the person finding that last one WINS something as well!

The last one hiding wins 100 Gold
The person finding him wins 100 Gold to !



Duel Championship!
This event is a Championship against everyone who wants to duel each other! Of course we won't let a level 20 fight a level 60, that would be very unfair. In fact even letting fight a level 59 with a level 60 would be unfair. Depending on who participates we put them in teams with people that are an equal match. We will have several winners and these winners get 100 Gold each! Sign up by commenting here that you want to join the duel championship next tuesday!

Recruiting Hike !
We are hoping that we can have a large amount of players join this one , everyone who joins gets 100 Gold and it is very simple.
We are lining up behind each other and walking around every map inviting members to our guild shouting things in area chat to recruit to our guild, very simple and very spectacular for everyone who sees a guild full of people lining behind each other like soldiers shouting to join, this also will unlock for all reapers of us a lot of teleportation areas.

Dance Party!
Large dance party at given location ,
Bring your most beautiful armor or fashion !
Participants get 100 Gold!


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