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Something like introducing your new Guild Leader

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Something like introducing your new Guild Leader

Post by Offtopicer on Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:59 am

Real name

I will reveal this and all my contact info to the trusted officers in order to manage guild more effectively.

Character name


also: Geriel, Windrah, Lilyth, Pipsqueak, Brond, Keian, Fareth, Merieth






I was lately ranked as guild master for Sairu has been busy lately with her actual life.
And we didn't want to give up on the guild, so here we are.
For now I shall be doing all I can for this guild, so we can keep having fun!
I want to see our guild in its full glory again.

Back to myself, I'm currently 18 and I also work (only few times a week though)
and study so that limits my ability to be online, I will still be doing all I can for you fellas, 
so let me know if you need anything. Smile

Lately Tera has become really important to me and I've met so many awesome 
people during my time here! For that I will stay here and I will keep helping whoever might need assistance.

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