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Achievement for the Raptor Mount

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Achievement for the Raptor Mount

Post by Offtopicer on Sun Sep 21, 2014 11:55 am

Getting the Raptor mount, Sparky (speed 275)
You will also get a pet, Jyicy in the progress. Sadly Juicy just rolls around and does no tasks Very Happy

Basically you need to complete 2 achievements
Tourist Trap
Well Travelled

So what you need to do:

  • visit every town (not the cities, Kaitor, Allamantheia, Velika) in game each time you get to a new town you will get achievement "town name" Tourist
  • find 6 puzzling monuments

To visit the towns you should use

  • Village Atlas (if you're a club member this makes things a lot faster)
  • Dungeon teleport scrolls, can be purchased from Specialty Merchant in any town
  • Town teleport scrolls (they have 5min cd) can be purchased from any big city for towns of that area
  • Pegasus, well.. it's an option right Very Happy


  • Lumbertown
  • Crescentia
  • Popolion
  • Pora Elinu    

                to get "Pora Elinu Tourist" you need to talk to an NPC called Shalane
                obelisk location                                

  • Chebika
  • Tulufan

                obelisk location

  • Cuttthroat Harbor
  • Castanica

  • Tralion
  • Tria
  • Bastion

                obelisk location

  • Frontera
  • Elenea
  • Acarum

                obelisk location

  • Bleakrock

  • Dragonfall

                obelisk location

  • Scythera Fae
  • Pathfinder Post
  • Zulfikar Fortress
  • Kanstria

                you need to be in the center are of the city to get the achievement, so just run around the place until you get it

  • Habere

                obelisk location


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