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Farming Valsekyr Hunt Credits +Arcta Tokens

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Farming Valsekyr Hunt Credits +Arcta Tokens

Post by Offtopicer on Mon Sep 22, 2014 12:48 pm

notes: all the named mobs look different and there are 9 of them


In Kanstria area there are named mobs that respawn once every 30mins. You will get 25 Valsekyr Hunt credits / one named mob. There are 9 of these mobs in total.


With 100 Valsekyr Hunt credits you can buy one Argon Freezing Agent (has 22h cd)
From normal mobs in Kanstria area there is a change to get Argon essence (you can only hold one of these in your inventory)
When these two are combined you will get one Arcta Token, with these tokens you are able to buy Patron set gear (32 Arcta tokens for the whole set) and Scarlet set earring (currently the best earring in the game, for 25 Arcta Tokens)

Also with Valsekyr Hunt credits you can buy Pristine Balancing Zyrk (balance +3) and Pristine Relentless Zyrk (increases hp by 1683)

Named Mob Locations




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