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Post by Offtopicer on Mon Sep 22, 2014 1:16 pm

Masterworking means that item can be enchanted to +12 instead of +9
Also it's recommendable that you only masterwork good gear (read: starting from Devastator/Favorable and up)

You need two items to attempt masterworking + piece of gear you want to masterwork
Those two items are: Master Enigmatic Scroll, available only as loot or from TB (Trade Broker) Intricate Identification Scroll, available at Specialty Store (in any town, not in major cities, Velika, Kaiator, Allamantheia) for 50g each

You take Master Enigmatic Scroll, use it on piece of gear you want to masterwork, then you use Intricate Identification Scroll on the gear. Each time you do this your item has 3% chance of turning into masterwork. So you keep repeating that until you get lucky.
notes: this masterworking effect doesn't stack like enchanting, it's always the same 3% chance

With this new patch there are two other types of Enigmatic Scrolls, Blessed and Noble. Blessed has higher chance of masterworking. Noble will masterwork your item with 100% chance

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