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Nexus Guide

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Nexus Guide

Post by Goosebumps on Wed Oct 22, 2014 9:29 am

It is a very easy simple instance so I won't be giving hints regarding the fighting tactics.
Nexus EU Times (CEST)

  • Monday & Tuesday - 20:00
  • Wednesday - 15:00 & 20:00
  • Thursday & Friday - 20:00
  • Saturday & Sunday - 1:00, 15:00 & 20:00

Ten minutes before the Nexus Invasion begins, thirteen (13) Nexus portals will open and will appear on the world map as well as your minimap. The Nexus portals close after 30 minutes whereas the Nexus Shards disappear after 1 hour.
Nexus Locations

  • Khanovar Front (It contains 4 Nexuses)
  • Argonea (It contains 6 Nexuses)
  • Granarkus (It contains 3 Nexuses)

To join in, simply find a Nexus raid through LFG or ask in guild if someone is going to make a Nexus raid (Recommended) then fly or teleport to Zulfikar Fortress or Kanstria and head to the nexus portal where your raid is gathering. You'll see a shimmering energy border surrounding the Nexus area. Four quest NPCs will spawn at each Nexus portal. You will have to talk to any of them to accept the Mysterious Nexus quest which consists of three phases.
If you couldn't find a raid, wait until the first wave of monsters spawn. A popup will appear asking if you would like to look for a party if you haven't joined one already.
The Mysterious Nexus Quest

  • Phase 1: Normal monsters spawn, kill them to move to Phase 2
  • Phase 2: Triple BAMs spawn, kill them to move to Phase 3
  • Phase 3: Nexus Lord spawns, kill it in order to close the Nexus portal and move to the next one

If you don't, you will not receive any rewards for closing the portal, and you won't receive the Nexus Call buff also which is very important to be able to enter Nexus Traverse. Each portal is limited to 120 quests, meaning only 120 people will be able to receive quests in that particular area.
Support Classes (Healers) Duty:
Healers have a major role to play in Nexus. Before the raid clear a Nexus portal, a healer should be present at the next Nexus portal earlier to be able to summon his raid members there for not wasting time running from Nexus portal to another. (It is not a MUST duty, but preferable)
Nexus Traverse (NT)
Once a location is cleared of all its Nexus portals, a Nexus Shard will spawn at each Nexus portal location which you can use to teleport to the Nexus Traverse. If one enters the Nexus Traverse, the rest of his raid members will be asked to be summoned there automatically.
You need a minimum of 7 people in your raid to enter, and a maximum of 20 people can be in a raid.
Before getting started, if you are party leader, be sure to set loot to Randomly roll for Rare items or better. It is even more better to do this earlier when you start creating Nexus Raid as you will have fewer members which means you will have a higher chance of getting them to accept for the loot options. Now everyone will automatically roll for everything that is picked up. This makes the run go by much quicker.
Now, Talk to the Inquisitor and pick up the repeatable quest, "Investigating Nexus Traverse". Nexus Traverse consists of three rooms. You have to clear each room to be able to move the next one.
Nexus Traverse Rooms

  • First Room: It is full of minions, they drop gold and Nexus boons. (Nexus boon = Agnitor credits)
  • Second Room: Two BAMs will spawn, kill them to move to the last/third room.
  • Third Room: Traverse Sovereign (Final Boss) sits in the third room, kill it to clear the dungeon.

make sure to turn in the repeatable quest (if you forget to turn in the quest, you can always turn it in next time at the beginning of the instance)
Why to run?

  • for gaining much of Agnitor Credits and Gold
  • for Collaboration Crates
  • for t14 or t15 Fodders, Master Enigmatic Scrolls, Crystals, ...etc


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